Bag Filters


Enviropol has developed highly efficient Bag Filters of capturing ultra particulates for better emission control or product recovery for various process technologies.


  • Easy Bag Replacement
  • High End Bag Selection
  • Compact Design – Small Footprint
  • Modular Design – Single/Multiple
  • High Free Board Space for Maintenance
  • Superior Material for Cages & Venturies
  • Long Lasting Galvanized Tops, Bottoms and Cage Wire


  • Low Pressure Drop
  • Trouble Free Operation
  • High Collection Efficiency
  • Can Capture Ultra Fine Particulates
  • Mechanized Down Stream System
  • Minimum Compressed Air Requirement
Industry Application


Electric Arc Furnaces, Sintering Plants, Boilers




Lead Furnaces, Copper Smelting Furnaces, Zinc Furnaces

Grain Handling

Cleaning Operations, Grinding Mills, Mixers & Blenders

Mineral Processing

Crushers, Grinding Mills, Screening Operations, Air Classifers


Raw Mills, Kilns, Finish Mills


Melting Furnaces


Dryers, Grinding Mills

Power Plants

Coal-Fired Boilers,  Material Transfer, Bunker Ventilation

Waste Disposal


Asphalt Concrete

Drum Mixers

Sugar & Distillery

Boilers & Process Dust


Working Principle:  

Dust  Laden air enters the dust collector through the hopper or casing depending uponApplication. An internal baffle distributes the dirty air within the housing. Dust laden air slows down as It enters the collector. Coarser dust particles drop into the hopper.

The dirty air passes through the bags, dust is captured and collected on the bag exterior. Filtered clean air flows to the clean air chamber and exhausts through outlet. Periodic compressed air pulsing removes accumulated dust from the bags with cleaning frequency and duration adjusted by solid-state timer or PLC. Dust falls into the hopper for collection through the discharge device.


























































































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