Wet Scrubbers

Fluidized Bed Nye Tray (FBNT)

How it works

The contaminated gas is brought in to intimate contact with curtain of water layer directed at right angle of gas flow through multi-orifice Nye Tray(s).

While passing through the orifice of tray, the whole volume is divided in thousands of small streams, which are accelerated to impinge the water layer creating complete fluidization with allowable pressure drop of gas flow.

When the micron sized particulate matter pass through the fluidized bed of water, they are entrapped in the bubbles due to differential density and get precipitated in scrubbing liquid.

Clean gas swirls upward to outlet through double stage mist eliminators. Liquid with entrapped particles drains via bottom cone for solid-liquid separation through Mechanized Slurry Dewatering System.

Key Features

  • Nearing 100% scrubbing efficiency
  • Pressure drop - as low as 50 mmwc
  • Low make-up water requirement
  • No moving parts and nozzles
  • Zero water carry-over
  • Complete Automation
  • Compact design

  • Tolerate very high dust loading.
  • Two tier separation-dry and wet.
  • Inherent quality to reduce CO2 and other gaseous pollutants.
  • Low gas-liquid ratio- reduced load on slurry dewatering system.
  • Can be designed to operate on treated spent wash.
  • Easily expandable to meet more stringent norms in future.
  • No periodic cleaning required.

Why Enviropol -FBNT ?

  • It has over 99 % efficiency at 50 mmwc presuure drop as against minimum 250 mm wc required in Venturi design.
  • Much longer time available for gas-water intermixing due to low gas velocity & positive water layer of 30-50 mm thick as against very thin spray water curtain in venturi.
  • Consistency in emission result due to almost no space for gas to go un-scrubbed as against most of the other designs having fair chances of some stream of gas escaping without touching thin water curtain formed by spay nozzles due to cavities.
  • FBNT is easier to up-grade to face more stringent norms in future just by adding another stage of Tray with in the same vessel contrary to venturi design where the complete venturi section need re-designing.
  • Best suited for all type of bio-mass applications as compared to other dry/wet systems such as ESP and venturi scrubbers.
  • Carry-over of partially burnt particles and high resitivity of fly ash from bio-mass fired boilers make ESP vulnerable for fire hazards and less efficient as compared to FBNT where the particles are quenched in water & does not pose such threats.
  • More eco-friendly disposal of ash in the form of wet cakes through Mechanized Slurry Dewatering System as against dry ash from ESP.
  • 100 % re-circulation of water through Enviropol-mechanized slurry dewatering system ensure zero water discharge from the system.

Industries & Applications

Suger Particulate removal from bagasse / coal / bio-gas fired boilers, suger dust collection
Distillery Particulate removal from multi-fuel fired boilers
Steel Gas cleaning plants for blast furnaces, de-dusting and fume extraction
Power Particulate removal from coal / agro-waste / bio-mass fired boilers, diesal generator sets; flue gas desulphurisation system
Fertilizer Particulate - cum - gas scrubbing systems for granulators, material handling circuits
Textile Particulate removal from rice husk and other solid fuel fired boilers
Paper Recovery boilers, power boilers, lime sludge kilns
Palm oil Particulate removal from palm fiber / shell fired boilers
Chemical Acid gas absorption
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