Wet Scrubber for Prill Tower

Process Description

Multiple Wet Scrubber units are designed to handle large quantity of dusty air from the prill tower. Each scrubber has two circulating/ spraying loops.

  • In one of them there is a circulation of urea solution (U) or urea/ammonium sulphate aqueous solution (UAS) or urea/ammonium nitrate aqueous solution (UAN) depending on the type of acid used to react with ammonia.
  • The second loop contains process water used to constant flushing of demisters and dilution of obtained product up to the required concentration.
  • To remove ammonia, in most cases, sulphuric or nitric acid is used depending on their availability as well as possibility of product distribution/utilization.


  • Emission Control with Product recovery

  • Trouble free operation.

  • Flexibility to install before or after ID Fan.
  • Inherent quality to reduce Low water or aqueous solution requirement.
  • Low pressure drop ( 60 mmwc ).
  • Capable to reduce .7μm particulate up to 90% with reduction in dust and ammonia up to approx. 25 mg/Nm3 .
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