Pre-dust Collectors

Enviropol, Pre dust collectors (PDC) are designed to operate at low pressure drop for removal of coarser / un-burnt fly ash particles from the flue gas prior to this being fed to Primary Air pollution control device such as ESP or Wet Scrubbers.

Installation of PDC before ESP minimize the chances of partially burnt particles to get accumulated in ESP & cause fire besides reducing inlet dust load and size of ESP.

For the flue gas with corrosive nature of constituents such as SO2, wet scrubbers are generally installed after ID fan for protection against corrosion. In such cases, installing PDC at ID fan suction side protects the fan from erosion.

Flue gas De-sulphurisation

Combustion of fossils fuels for generation of electric power is the primary contributor of Sulphur dioxide emissions.

Air pollution control systems for Sulphur dioxide removal are large and sophisticated. At Enviropol, Sulphur dioxide is controlled by three different techniques: absorption, adsorption and use of low Sulphur fuels.

Absorption: This process uses the solubility of Sulphur dioxide in aqueous solutions to remove it from the gas stream. The most common type of Sulphur dioxide absorber is the lime stone wet scrubber. Wet scrubbers for Sulphur dioxide removal are available in different designs namely: Multi stage tray, Venturi & spray tower.

Spray-dryer-type dry scrubbers followed by fabric bag filters or electrostatic precipitators are also used to generate waste stream in dry condition.

The choice between a wet- scrubber absorption system and spray-dryer absorption system depends primarily on site-specific costs and options available for eco-friendly disposal of the waste products.

Adsorption: In this type of control system, a dry alkaline powder is injected in the gas stream. Sulphur dioxide adsorbs to the surface of the alkaline particles and reacts to form compounds that can not be re-emitted to the gas stream. Hydrated lime is the most commonly used alkali.

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