Slurry De-watering

Slurry from wet scrubber is processed for solid-liquid separation for 100% re-circulation of liquid back to the scrubbing system & eco-friendly disposal of ash.

Various models are available ranging from conventional sludge drying beds arrangement to completely mechanized systems for direct loading of ash in trolleys. The selection mainly depends upon the quantum and size of fine particulate matter and cost-benefit analysis.

Enviropol Engineers

Working Philosophy:

Most of the available options require slurry to first pass through highly efficient and most compact design of enviropol-static clarifier for thickening.

The concentrated slurry from the bottom of clarifier is then made to pass through any one of the following most popular devices for solid –liquid separation:


Sludge dredger: Slow speed drag conveyor used for separation & disposal of ash simultaneously It is manufactured to suit highly erosive environment with adequate retention time for drip free disposal .

Belt Filter Press: The belt filter press supplied by enviropol is an innovative design. Filtration process takes place primarily in two stages namely pre-thickener and sludge press. Finally the sludge cake passes between the perforated cylinders for dewatering. It is available in various models with complete automation.

Vibro Screens : Set of vibro screens placed after clarifier for separation of ash & continuous discharge through belt conveyor or periodic disposal through ash silo.


Sludge drying beds : Most simplified and highly efficient design of sludge drying beds makes it an obvious choice for low cost projects. Almost zero maintenance due to all static equipments involved in the solid-liquid separation.

Enviropol Engineers
Enviropol Engineers
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